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MOMO&FRIENDS Farewell Popcorn &Tea Gift Set - Shiba Inu Themed Treats

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Teabag (1pcs)
Tea Popcorn

Ditch the Boring Farewell Gifts! MOMO & FRIENDS Popcorn & Tea Sets Are Here!

Saying goodbye to coworkers doesn't have to be blah! MOMO & FRIENDS Farewell Gift Sets are here to add a dose of cuteness overload to your farewells. Featuring adorable Shiba Inu illustrations and delicious treats, these sets are the paw-fect way to say "See ya later!"

✨ 6 Heartfelt Workplace Messages to Choose From:

  • See ya later! 👋
  • Let's meet again! 🥂
  • I'm leaving, but my love remains ❤️
  • Have fun at work, don't miss me too much 😂
  • I would have been toast without you 😭
  • You got this! 💪

🎁 Popcorn 🍿 + Tea 🍵 / Cookies 🍪 + Tea 🍵, Mix & Match for the Perfect Combo!

  • Discover the Limited-Edition Flavors:

    • Red Oolong: Indulge in the rich, fruity notes of our Red Oolong Tea Popcorn. A true indulgence for your taste buds!
    • Four Seasons Spring: Embrace the refreshing taste of spring with our vibrant Four Seasons Spring Tea Popcorn. Light, fragrant, and utterly delightful.
    • Hojicha (Roasted Green Tea): Experience the comforting warmth of roasted green tea with our Hojicha Tea Popcorn. Nutty, toasty, and utterly satisfying.
    • Osmanthus Oolong: Embark on a sensory journey with our Osmanthus Oolong Tea Popcorn. Floral, fragrant, and delicately sweet, it's a true taste of elegance.

    Our Beloved Classics Are Back (While Supplies Last!):

    • Signature Rose (Hibiscus) Popcorn: Our iconic bestseller is back! Known for its beautiful pink hue and delicately sweet and tart flavor, our Rose Popcorn is a timeless favorite. Grab yours before it disappears!
    • Beloved Genmaicha Popcorn: The perfect harmony of tea and rice! Our Genmaicha Popcorn offers a unique and refreshing taste that will keep you coming back for more. Don't miss out on this fan favorite!

💖 Create a Personalized Farewell Gift!

  • Choose from pre-designed gift boxes filled with tea and popcorn, with cookie options available.
  • Customize your gift with cards, stickers, tins, or tote bags (minimum order quantity of 100 pieces, please allow 2-3 weeks for production).
  • Contact us for rush order pricing.

👉 Order your MOMO & FRIENDS Farewell Gift Set today and send your coworker off on their next adventure with a smile!

💖 Calling All Pet Lovers!

MOMO & FRIENDS illustrations are cute, playful, and perfect for animal-loving colleagues and friends. Show them you care about their furry friends too with a gift they'll adore!