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Sage-散水禮物袋系列-MOMO-FRIENDS Tea By Sage 茶風

MOMO &Friends

Ditch the Dull Farewell: Say Goodbye with Sage MOMO & Friends! 👋

Saying goodbye is never easy, but it doesn't have to be boring! Ditch the traditional farewell gifts and opt for Sage MOMO & Friends – a unique and fun way to leave a lasting impression.

🔥 LOL-Worthy Quotes:

Each gift set features a hilarious MOMO & Friends quote that's guaranteed to tickle your colleagues' funny bones:

  • "See ya later, alligator!"
  • "Let's hang out again sometime... maybe."
  • "My departure is an act of love (for myself)."
  • "Don't work too hard without me!"
  • "I'd be lost without you (literally)."
  • "You got this! (I believe in you… kinda)."
  • "It's been real. Let's connect on LinkedIn."
  • "Thanks for the laughs (and the free food)."

🎁 Delectable Treats to Share (or Not):

Choose the perfect combo of treats to satisfy your coworkers' cravings:

  • Popcorn & Tea: Crunchy popcorn paired with refreshing tea for a chill afternoon break.
  • Cookies & Tea: Indulgent tea-infused cookies and a warm cup of tea for a comforting farewell.

🚀 Convenient Delivery, Stress-Free Farewell:

Pre-order your Sage MOMO & Friends Farewell Gift Sets and have them delivered straight to your doorstep or office. Easy peasy!

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