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有氣茶-Sparkling-Tea Tea By Sage 茶風

Sparkling Cold Brew Tea

Prepare to have your senses awakened! Sage proudly unveils a groundbreaking innovation in the world of tea – Sparkling Cold Brew Tea. This first-of-its-kind creation in Asia masterfully blends the art of Eastern tea traditions with the refreshing effervescence of Western sparkling beverages.

A Symphony of Flavor and Refreshment:

  • The Purity of Nature: At Sage, we believe that exceptional tea begins with exceptional ingredients. We journeyed across Japan and Taiwan to source the finest naturally grown tea leaves, cultivated without the use of pesticides and nurtured by nature's rhythm. This dedication to purity ensures that every sip delivers the most authentic and vibrant tea flavors.
  • The Art of Cold Brewing: Unlike traditional hot brewing methods, Sage employs a slow and gentle cold brewing process. This allows the tea leaves to unfurl gradually, releasing their delicate aromas and beneficial compounds like catechins and tea polyphenols. The result is a naturally sweet and refreshing beverage brimming with healthy goodness.
  • A Sparkling Twist: Sage Sparkling Cold Brew Tea takes refreshment to the next level with the addition of fine, invigorating bubbles. These delicate bubbles dance on your palate, harmonizing perfectly with the natural tea flavors to create a truly unique and revitalizing experience. It's the perfect thirst-quencher for warm days and beyond!
  • Crafted in Hong Kong with Unwavering Quality: Sage Sparkling Cold Brew Tea is proudly developed and produced in Hong Kong. We maintain an unwavering commitment to using only natural ingredients, with no artificial colors, flavors, or concentrates. Experience the pure and healthy refreshment that only Sage can deliver.

Sage Sparkling Cold Brew Tea: Reimagine your perception of tea with this innovative and invigorating beverage. Discover a world of flavor and refreshment, one sparkling sip at a time.

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