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Farewell Gift | Wedding Favors | Tea By Sage Cookie OR Tea Gift Box (2pcs) | Customizable

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【散水禮物💗婚禮回禮DIY】Sage 曲奇/茶包2件裝

2 pack
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Thank you card

Ditch the Traditional! Say it with Tea By Sage's Unique Tea & Cookie Gift Sets for Farewells & Weddings! 💖

Tired of generic gifts? By Sage offers a delightful solution with our handcrafted tea & cookie gift sets, perfect for adding a touch of heartfelt warmth to your farewells and weddings! 💖

✨ Discover Exquisite Gift Box Options: ✨

  • Classic Tin: Choose from elegant red or white, complete with a thank you card to preserve precious memories.
  • Eco-Friendly Cotton Bag: Made in the USA, these durable bags are perfect for everyday use and come with a thank you card.
  • Chic Square Tins: Available in a variety of colors, these compact tins are perfect for gifting or enjoying yourself.

🎁 Personalize Your Gift for a Truly Special Touch 🎁

  • Customize your gift with personalized cards, stickers, tin designs, or even cotton bags! (Minimum order quantity of 100 pieces applies).
  • Add a special touch with names, dates, or company/group logos.
  • Contact us for rush orders and pricing inquiries.

🍪 Handcrafted with Premium Ingredients for Healthy Indulgence 🍪

  • Made in Hong Kong by a licensed food manufacturer.
  • We use whole leaf tea and coffee beans, less flour and butter, and low-temperature baking for light and healthy treats.
  • Perfect for those watching their sugar intake, following a low-sugar diet, or managing their weight.

✈️ Embark on a Flavorful Journey ✈️

  • Japanese Hojicha Cookies: Made with award-winning Hojicha tea leaves from Shizuoka, Japan, these cookies offer a rich, roasted flavor.
  • Osmanthus Oolong Cookies: Aromatic Taiwanese Oolong tea meets fragrant Osmanthus flowers from Nanzhuang for a refreshingly floral treat.
  • Earl Grey Cookies: Indulge in the classic flavors of premium British Earl Grey tea with a hint of bergamot for a sophisticated finish.

🍵 Premium Taiwanese Teas, Locally Sourced & Packed 🍵

  • Rose Oolong: Relieves autumn dryness, warms the body, and nourishes the skin.
  • White Peach Oolong: Brightens the complexion with a captivating aroma.
  • Osmanthus Oolong: Clears heat from the body, detoxifies, and removes dampness.
  • Alishan Jinxuan Oolong: Boosts metabolism with a refreshingly sweet flavor.
  • Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong: Quenches thirst and nourishes the body.
  • High Mountain Oil-Cutting Oolong: Aids digestion and breaks down fat.

💯 100% Biodegradable Tea Bags from Japan for Eco-Conscious Enjoyment 💯

Order your  Tea & Cookie Gift Sets today and make your special moments unforgettable!