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Tea By Sage - Elegant Square White Tea Tins (1 Cookie &1 Tea Bags) - Limited Edition

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💖 Tea By Sage 茶風 提供客製化服務,讓您自由搭配茶包、曲奇,並印製專屬設計,傳遞滿滿心意!

🔥 客製化服務 - 讓您的禮物與眾不同!🔥

卡片印刷: 印上溫馨祝福語、新人名字、大日子,為您的禮物增添個人風格。
貼紙設計: 設計專屬貼紙,讓您的品牌形象更突出。
鐵盒/布袋印製: 印上公司 LOGO、活動主題,打造獨一無二的紀念品。

✨ 客製服務詳情 ✨
最低訂購量:100 個起
製作時間:2-3 星期
急單請聯絡:歡迎透過 Whatsapp 或 Email 與我們聯繫, 我們會盡力配合您的需求!
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Looking for an elegant and memorable way to thank your guests or say farewell? ðŸ’– Introducing Tea By Sage's Limited Edition Square Gift Tin, featuring two individually wrapped tea bags in a sleek, reusable tin!

Why choose our Limited Edition Gift Tin?

  • Exquisite Presentation: Our minimalist chic square tins are designed to impress, featuring a clean, modern aesthetic that complements any occasion.
  • Premium Tea Selection: Each tin includes two individually wrapped tea bags of your choice, featuring Tea By Sage's signature Taiwanese tea blends. Delight your guests with a variety of flavors, from floral oolongs to refreshing fruit infusions.
  • Reusable & Sustainable: Our sturdy tins are designed for long-lasting use. Encourage your guests to repurpose them as stylish storage for keepsakes, trinkets, or even more tea!
  • Versatile & Thoughtful: Perfect for weddings, farewell parties, corporate events, or any special occasion where you want to show your appreciation.

Make your gift even more special:

  • Personalize with a message: Add a heartfelt note to the top of the tin with a personalized message for your guests.
  • Create a themed display: Arrange the tins in a beautiful display at your event for a touch of elegance.

Give the gift of Tea By Sage's Limited Edition Square Gift Tin and create lasting memories!

We've got you covered whether it's a:

  • Heartfelt goodbye to a colleague
  • Sweet send-off for a friend
  • Thoughtful wedding well-wishes

Here's why Tea By Sage is the perfect farewell gift:

  • Handcrafted Cookies & Award-Winning Teas: We use only the finest ingredients to create our mouthwatering cookies and source premium Taiwanese tea leaves for an unforgettable taste experience.
  • Something for Everyone: Choose from a delightful variety of cookie and tea flavors, from classic Earl Grey to fragrant Osmanthus Oolong.
  • Convenient & Beautifully Packaged: Our gift sets come in elegant packaging, making them perfect for gifting. Plus, our individually wrapped cookies and biodegradable tea bags ensure freshness and convenience.
  • Made in Hong Kong with Love: We're proud to support local businesses and use only the highest quality ingredients.

🍪 Indulge in Our Exquisite Cookie Selection 🍪

  • Japanese Hojicha Cookies: Made with award-winning roasted green tea leaves from Kakegawa, Japan, these cookies boast a rich, smoky aroma. Blended with creamy, fermented butter, they offer a mellow, toasty flavor that lingers long after the last bite.
  • Osmanthus Oolong Cookies: Experience the harmonious blend of premium Taiwanese oolong tea and delicate osmanthus blossoms. These cookies offer a captivating aroma and a refreshingly sweet taste, making each bite a moment of pure bliss.
  • Earl Grey Tea Cookies: Indulge in the classic flavors of fine English bergamot and rich black tea. Made with a buttery, melt-in-your-mouth base, these cookies offer a sophisticated taste experience with a citrusy twist.

🍵 Savor the Essence of Taiwan with Our Premium Tea Bags 🍵

  • Rose Oolong Tea: ðŸŒ¹ Combat dryness and nourish your skin with this beautifully balanced blend. Sweet and floral rose petals mingle with the smooth taste of oolong tea, creating a soothing and rejuvenating experience.
  • White Peach Oolong Tea: ðŸ‘ Brighten your day and your skin with this refreshingly fruity blend. The delicate sweetness of white peach complements the clean taste of oolong tea, offering a revitalizing escape with every sip.
  • Osmanthus Oolong Tea: ðŸŒ¼ Beat the heat and refresh your senses with this fragrant blend. Aromatic osmanthus blossoms combine with the smooth, mellow flavor of oolong tea, creating a naturally sweet and revitalizing drink.
  • Alishan Jinxuan Oolong Tea: ðŸ’ª Boost your metabolism and enjoy the unique creamy-floral taste of this Taiwanese classic. This tea is known for its smooth, naturally sweet flavor profile and invigorating aroma.
  • Taiwanese Ginseng Oolong Tea: ðŸ’ª Replenish and revitalize with this invigorating blend. The earthy notes of ginseng complement the refreshing taste of oolong tea, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a healthy and flavorful boost.
  • High Mountain Slim-Fit Oolong Tea: ðŸƒâ€â™€ï¸ Support your wellness goals with this naturally slimming tea. This high-altitude oolong tea is known for its ability to aid digestion and promote a healthy metabolism, making it a delicious addition to a balanced lifestyle.

📌 Important Information 📌

Our products contain dairy, eggs, tree nuts, and gluten. They may contain traces of peanuts. Please enjoy responsibly!