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Unique Farewell Gift: Tea By Sage Tea Flavored Popcorn in Tote Bag- Taiwanese Tea, Less Sugar

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💖 Tea By Sage 茶風 提供客製化服務,讓您自由搭配茶包、曲奇,並印製專屬設計,傳遞滿滿心意!

🔥 客製化服務 - 讓您的禮物與眾不同!🔥

卡片印刷: 印上溫馨祝福語、新人名字、大日子,為您的禮物增添個人風格。
貼紙設計: 設計專屬貼紙,讓您的品牌形象更突出。
鐵盒/布袋印製: 印上公司 LOGO、活動主題,打造獨一無二的紀念品。

✨ 客製服務詳情 ✨
最低訂購量:100 個起
製作時間:2-3 星期
急單請聯絡:歡迎透過 Whatsapp 或 Email 與我們聯繫, 我們會盡力配合您的需求!
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Tea popcorn

Still struggling to find the perfect farewell gift for a colleague? 🤔 Gift them Tea By Sage's Tea Flavored Popcorn and express your heartfelt sentiments with unique tea aromas! 💖

✨ Tea By Sage Tea Flavored Popcorn: The perfect encounter of tea fragrance and deliciousness 🍿 ✨

We carefully select high-quality tea leaves and blend them into crispy popcorn, making every bite a double delight for your taste buds and sense of smell!💖 Less sugar allows the delicate tea flavor to shine through! Tea By Sage Tea Flavored Popcorn lets you enjoy deliciousness while staying healthy and carefree. 😌

🌸 Taiwanese Tea Series 🌸

Four Seasons Spring Tea Flavored Popcorn (15g): Made with Taiwanese Four Seasons Spring tea leaves, using a unique process to preserve the fresh floral aroma and elegant tea rhyme. One bite and the tea fragrance spreads in your mouth, blending perfectly with the crispy popcorn for an endless aftertaste. Enjoy a pack of Four Seasons Spring Tea Flavored Popcorn in the afternoon for a refreshing and delightful taste experience.

Roselle Tea Flavored Popcorn (15g): Made with carefully selected Taiwanese roselle, 100% whole flowers are ground at low temperature to fully preserve their unique sweet and sour fruity aroma. The intertwined sweet and sour taste, paired with crispy popcorn, creates a rich and memorable taste. How can you enjoy a movie marathon without it? Roselle Tea Flavored Popcorn adds a touch of sweet and sour flavor to your leisure time.

✨ Limited Edition New Flavors, Making a Surprising Debut ✨

Osmanthus Oolong Tea Flavored Popcorn (15g): Carefully selected Taiwanese osmanthus and oolong tea are blended to perfection, combining the sweet floral aroma with the mellow tea rhyme. The aroma is rich and the taste is refreshing, bringing you a unique taste bud experience.

Jasmine Green Tea Flavored Popcorn (15g): Made with high-quality jasmine green tea, the tea fragrance is fresh and elegant, complementing the crispy popcorn. The taste is refreshing and not greasy, making it the best choice for summer heat relief.

Shizuoka Hojicha Tea Flavored Popcorn (15g): Made with carefully selected Japanese Shizuoka hojicha, the tea aroma is strong with a unique roasted aroma. The taste is fragrant and mellow, making it the perfect pairing for afternoon tea or dessert.

Shizuoka Genmaicha Tea Flavored Popcorn (15g): Made with Japanese Shizuoka genmaicha, the tea aroma is perfectly blended with the rice aroma for a unique taste. Crispy and delicious, it is a healthy snack for all ages.